[Update] #KindnessisMagic | Launchgood Project with Alwehdah

Written by Cynthia Sim.

Understanding the Principles

"The fast is not simply about denying your body food and water. It also involves arguably the more taxing challenge of avoiding ill speech, arguments, loss of temper and malicious behaviour." (Source)

The principles practiced by muslims during the ramadan is one that people of all races can learn from. The spirit of Ramadan is about forgiveness, taking care of each other and remembering the Almighty and a little more. Ramadan is a time to reflect on the pain of those brothers and sisters who live in poverty and cannot afford even the very basic human needs. During Iftar, the focus gravitates around sharing your blessings with your closes family and a stranger in need.

"It’s a month of sharing and if you can help even a single person out, the purpose of Ramadan is fulfilled." (Source)

The Success of #KindnessIsMagic

The Ramadan Give-Back Project #KindnessIsMagic hopes to fulfil the “wishlist(s)” of needy families, living in 1-room rental apartments around Singapore. These families lack basic necessities such as rice (a Singaporean’s staple), gas for cooking, money to fund their children’s education, or even their own medical bills.

Aladdin Street Singapore extends our official support to the The Arab Association Singapore (Alwehdah), a non-profit community organization that serves to promote and enhance Islamic virtues and education, and LaunchGood, a Crowdfunding organization.

The 35 day Give-Back campaign was a huge success!

Charity Drive on 2nd June 2018


Volunteers waiting to distribute the wishlisted needs to the respective beneficiary families.

Below are some of the items on the humble wishlist of these families in need.

  1. Medical bills

  2. Single bed frames

  3. Mattresses

  4. Bed sheets

  5. Installation of wheelchair ramps 

  6. Fans

  7. Lights

  8. Groceries

  9. Toiletries

  10. Clothes

  11. Chairs 

  12. Iron

  13. Washing Machines

  14. Curtains

  15. Cash support

We would like to convey our deep gratitude to the donors, supporters and volunteers who had kindly contributed – by giving generous donations and lending their fiery volunteering spirit, and for putting together this magic in light of the difficult times of the less fortunate.

With our collective efforts, we were able to help the families in need replace broken appliances and furniture in their homes, funding hospital bills and their children's education. Truly a humbling initiative to be a part of. During this festive season, it is important to show gratitude to all the blessings we are privileged enough to experience.

The video below highlights 3 families whose lives were touched by this project.

For their full stories, visit the LaunchGood project page.


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