Spring Cleaning Rituals from all over the World

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Written by Cynthia Sim

Spring cleaning transcends across cultures and has become a fundamental part of human life. Over time, we have developed a ritual of how and why we do our annual cleaning. Let's take a look at some of them today.

1. China

To clean your homes in time for chinese new year is an important time for renewal. Tools such as brooms should be put away for the first few days of the new year so they don't sweep away the good fortune of the new year.

2. Jewish

Before the passover, The jews would carefully remove any trace of Chametz from their homes. The Chametz are leavened products not certified kosher. The night before the Passover, the family will ritually search for any remaining Chamets and say prayers for any that was missed.

3. Thailand

Thai people clean statues of buddha in preparation for the Thai New Year. They throw scented water and fragrant herbs at the statues to help bring back luck. The way that runs off the statue is collected and poured over elders to bring good fortune.

4. The Middle East

The entire family pitches in to give the house a deep clean in honour of Nowruz, the day in the Persian calendar. The ritual helps to clean the home and rids the house of past and of evil spirits.

5. India

Devout Hindus smear themselves in ash and then bathes in the waters of the holy Ganges River. Part of the Kumbh Mela festival, the bathing takes place over six days and sees over 100 million people take part.

6. Cuba

On New Year's Eve, many people in Cuba spend the day cleaning their homes in preparation for the coming year. Once they're done, they throw the mop, bucket and dirty water out of the window to show they're done with the past year.

7. Japan

Before a Shinto religious ceremony, the participants and the shrine are cleaned using salt and water. Known as Harae, this is said to wash evil pollution and sins away.

8. North America

Native Americans use sweat lodges to ritually cleanse their bodies and spirits. A type of sauna, these lodges were traditionally used before religious ceremonies. Often a 'peace pipe' is smoked during the ceremony.

9. Greece

Clean Monday, or Kathari Deftera, takes place at the beginning of lent. Through the name may suggest a hard day of cleaning, it actually involves clearing out your fridge and is celebrated with a feast.

10. Germanic

In German folklore, it was believed the Goddess Holda punished lazy housekeepers. To help homeowners find the motivation to clean - nd therefore stay on the right side of the Goddess - they kneel in the messiest are of the home before reciting a prayer to Holda.

11. Indonesia

The Ma'nene Ritual is held every three years by the Torajan people of Indonesia. It involves digging up the bodies of dead relatives and cleaning and redressing the corpses. It's thought to bring participants luck.

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