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Updated: Jun 4, 2018

New to hijab fashion, or looking to refresh your looks?

Written by Junru Tan.

With Muslimah fashion on the rise, it’s not unusual for females to feel overwhelmed from all the hijab wraps seen on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Women everywhere are dominating super chic looks and looking fabulous with their hijab. Styling one may seem daunting at first, but with practice, anyone can master the art of hijab wrapping.

One cool tip we’ve learnt is that face shapes play an important role and we are here to help you find a hijab style that flatters yours. Let's start off with the most common face shapes: oval, square, round, rectangular and heart-shaped.

Here’s how to determine your face shape:

1) Oval

Out of the 5 face shapes featured, the oval is the universal face shape. Anyone who’s blessed with it is considered to have the ‘perfect’ shape for being able to pull off all looks. If your forehead is slightly wider than the curvature of your chin, have prominent cheekbones and rounded jawline, congratulations! You’ve been gifted with the oval face shape.

One of the most flattering hijab styles is to wrap your hijab tightly around your face line, maintaining that oval appearance of your face.

2) Square

This face shape is more structure and squared off; with the forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost of the same width. Additionally, the sides of your face are straight with a square off, sharp jawline.

Instead of accentuating your sharp jawline further, you want to frame the hijab around your forehead, keeping it loose around your face and chin.

3) Round

Do you find your cheeks getting pinch by people often? If so, you’re likely to have round face. The width between the sides of your face and the top to bottom are almost the same, possessing chubby cheeks. Never tuck your cheeks into the side of your scarf, you will end up with a rounder face.

Instead, let the scarf fall against your cheeks and chin loosely, which create more folds and add texture to your hijab to disguise those rounded edges.

4) Rectangular/Long

Featuring an elongated forehead and chin, a person with a rectangular face has the length of the face larger than the width. Keeping in mind not to elongate the face, even more, you will want to tie the scarf tighter around your face and bring it lower on your forehead to decrease the length.

Rectangular-shaped faces are able to rock turbans effortlessly!

5) Heart-shaped

Spotted with a lovely wide forehead and teeny tiny chin, the heart-shaped face has the problem of having a disappearing chin. Avoid wrapping your hijab tightly around your hairline as it will accentuate your prominent forehead. Instead, drape it in a loose style covering the edges of your forehead. Another flattering style is to loosely pin the scarf around the jawline to soften the sharp chin.

You are beautiful no matter what face shape you possess. Finding the right fit for your face is important–so, embrace the hijab and own it. When you’re confident, you can pull anything off!

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