6 Raya Goodies Available All Year Round

Written by Cynthia Sim

The festive season doesn't have to end. What if we told you that you can live in the occasion all year long? Here is a list of favourite Raya goodies you can still enjoy all year round with free delivery.


1. Dates

This fruit is mentioned in the Quran various times, but why have they been associated with this fasting and festive season? First of all, it is high in sugar, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, and (when fresh) vitamin C. Not only that, they also contain potassium, magnesium, iron, and small amounts of protein and fat. 

Which is also why eating dates after a long day of fasting can help regulate the blood glucose levels. With the same understanding, dates can be taken on days that we may be replacing a fast, or one of those hectic ones that makes eating a full meal impossible.

2. Halal Celebratory Drinks

There will always be a reason to celebrate when we start counting our blessings. As our palettes crave more complex beverages to fit the occasion, wine is now available in de-alcoholised variants to serve a wider range of people. We're not kidding. The alcohol has been reduced enough to earn itself a Halal certification.

This does not stop at wine. Why not give the mocktails a try, risk free! This includes Mojito, Pina Colada, Gin and Tonic, and even Irish Cream!

3. Home-cooked Malay Dishes

Needless to say, Grandma's curries, Rendangs and Masak Merahs could feed us all year round. What ever your cooking skills, there is a paste to fit.

Want to learn how to them on your own? Our friends at Asyura has a list of recipes for the range of paste that they offer. Why dont you give that Lauk Ayam Berempah recipe a try? We would love to hear from you how amazing it is.

4. Cordials and Juices

Mix the syrup for guests to drink, mum says. How about creating your own personal blend with the last bit of soursop juice and rose syrup? Make them for family gatherings and friendly outings as well.

No one makes those drinks like you do! Remember to save yourself a glass before you serve the rest up!

No need to restrict that special blend for Raya. As long as the combination remains a secret, its always going to fill the heart.

5. Beverages

Notice how some of these Raya beverages are only available at Geylang Serai during Ramadan? In the midst of the crowd and humidity, anything thirst quenching would win our attention. In Singapore, the weather is not that different all year round. A cold reminiscent beverage always does the trick.

Well, ever considering just ordering them online? Air Khatira, Teh Botol, Fruit Tea, Air Kedondong, the variety would last you till next Raya.

6. Dendeng

This everywhere at the Bazaar in Geylang Serai, and simply irresistible! It is almost part of your ritual when you buy a few pieces to share with friends and family, or dabao some back to savour for later.

Bet you didn't know you could buy a kilogram or two and cook them up yourself? Stock them up any time of the year for any occasion be cause they are THAT good! Your friends and family are sure to visit more often even after Raya.

Shop hassle free with Aladdin Street at any time of the year. Hari Raya may have come to an end, but that does not mean the love and support from the people around you has stopped. The Promo Code, "GREAT28" for $5 off min. $20 will be available until 31 July 2018 to treat your friends and family.

Till the next Raya.

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