#1 Try Eat: Halal CNY Goodie

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Are you ready?

Written by Junru Tan.

In our debut video, Aladdin Street SG team had the privilege to try out Chinese New Year snacks from Mel's Empire and DenDeng House, from sweet desserts to savoury BBQ meat. We started diving into sugary festive goodies before easing our palettes to trying stronger and savoury edibles.

First up, we have Mandarin Meringue.

What's with that expression? Did it taste good...or bad? We'll let you know their verdict below.

Well, we got a big thumbs up from Atiqah! The mandarin meringue from Mel's Empire is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Next was Pineapple Balls.

The food that got us going crazy with jokes and laughter.

The pineapple balls were well received. We love that it wasn't too sweet, with the portion of flour to pineapple filling just right.

Enough with all the sugary snacks and move on to delectable meat from DenDeng House.

Lastly, we had Chicken Spicy and Original Beef DenDeng!

Look at Cynthia! She can't contain her excitement for her love of meat.


"We don't have Bak Kwa shop," says Asyiqah.

Apparently, BBQ is hard to come by in Singapore unless it's during the Ramadan season. Next time, if you ever have the craving for halal bak kwa, consider buying ready-to-cook meat! Fortunately, we have it on our platform! Head over here to take a look.

Final Verdict: Favourite one out of the four?

Watch the full video and find out!

Products featured:

- Mandarin Meringue from Mel's Empire

- Pineapple Balls from Mel's Empire

- Chicken Spicy BBQ Meat from DenDeng House

- Beef BBQ Meat from DenDeng House

View our full CNY listing: http://bit.ly/CNY18AS.


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